Friday, December 3, 2010

4 string bass ( jpdc) continued : neck construction part 1

Now that the preparation of the neck blank has been done , I can continue routing and and cutting out the neck using different machinery and hand tools .

Routing the truss rod channel and two 6mm
 round bottom channels for  carbon rods
 using an old Hitachi MV 12
Test fitting truss rod and carbon rod

Cutting out the headstock shape on the bandsaw
A template is used to mark
the outline and holes of the headstock

The rough result
laying out the neck shape on the blank

Cutting the rough shape of the neck
on my small INCA bandsaw
Some wood to waste.
 The leftovers will be used in another project

Hollow carbon tubes with a beech
 dowel glued in over the entire length .
This gives me a nice rigid stabilizing rod.
The rods are glued in with epoxy and
 the lmii truss rod is installed with a bit
of silicone for anti vibration


I needed to rout a small recess
 for the truss rod adjustement cover .
I used a ball bearing router bit and template to do this 

The result , hidden corners cut with a chisel

A great Bosch router


Template routing of the headstock.
I use an old router bit that is actually a rasp with a bearing on top .
This avoids tearout on this wavy grained birdseye maple neck.
Sometimes I get light burn marks , but these can easily be sanded out .

Drilling 14 mm tuner holes with a brad point drill
The shaped headstock with recess for logo


Contour sanding the body halves with
my cheap oscillating bobbin sander
Edge routing with a 1/2 " round-over bit

It already starts to look like an instrument.